SWAU Hoops Classic ’24

SWAU Hoops Classic Arrives in Keene

For the 28th time, Southwestern Adventist University hosted the annual Hoops Classic from January 24th – 27th. The invitational tournament welcomed more than 40 high school basketball teams from points as far away as Lancaster, Massachusetts, and as close as just down the road, at your very own Chisholm Trail Academy.

CTA hosted several first and second round games in its own gym, as did Keene High School, Keene Adventist Elementary School, Keene Junior High School, and Southwestern’s own Leiske-Pultar Gymnasium.

While the Hoops Classic is a great opportunity to welcome high school students from around the country to Keene, it’s also a celebration for CTA students and alumni. Rarely does an entire school community, past and present, have the opportunity to come together and celebrate shared experiences. The Hoops Classic makes that possible each year, and the CTA community embraced the event. Junior varsity and varsity girls and guys offered their best efforts as they represented this school community with quality and character.

Whether it’s the Hoops Classic, the gymnastics AcroFest at Andrews University, the Freshman Bible Camp, Government, or Big Bend Trips in the fall, or any of the music program’s seasonal or Sabbath performances, community members repeatedly share beautiful testimonies of how respectful, kind, and Christ-centered CTA students are. Parents, thank you for raising up such high character young people. We are honored to invest in the young adults your children are becoming.

During the Hoops Classic and for the rest of the year, we join the rest of you in encouraging our students. Go Blazers!! Continue to make your families and your community proud.

Michael La Sage

Congratulation Class of 2024

Saturday May 25, 2024 at 9pm.

Join us for a weekend filled with celebration and gratitude as we pay tribute to the dedication and accomplishments of our graduates.