We, the students of Chisholm Trail Academy, in order to promote the development of the mental, spiritual, social, and physical powers; to inspire student initiative, democracy, and leadership; to strengthen school spirit and to establish closer harmony between students and faculty, do adopt this constitution for the Student Association of Chisholm Trail Academy.


Article I – Name

The name of the organization will be the Student Association of Chisholm Trail Academy.


Article II – Membership

Section 1: Student Membership

  • All students of Chisholm Trail Academy will be members of this association.


Section 2: Faculty Roles

  • The faculty members will act as a counseling body for the Student Association and will have the right to vote and to veto any action taken by the Student Association. Faculty members will be appointed to serve as sponsors for the permanent and temporary committees.


Article III – Committees

Section 1: The Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee will consist of the elected officers of the Student Association, or others by invitation of the administration, and the faculty sponsor(s). It shall direct the affairs of the Student Association.
  • A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of two-thirds of the members being present at any meeting.
  • Any decisions made by the Executive Committee will be declared void if made in the absence of a faculty member or a quorum.
  • Invitations to the Executive Committee meetings of the Student Association can only be issued by officers and sponsors of the Student Association, and the presence of these invitees at the meeting must be approved by a faculty sponsor prior to the meeting in question.


Section 2: The Impeachment Committee

  • The Impeachment Committee shall consist of the school principal, Student Association faculty sponsors, President, General Vice-President, and Sergeant-At-Arms. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall act as chairperson of the Impeachment Committee.


Section 3: Temporary Committees

  • Temporary committees may be formed for special functions by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or by executive order from the president. These temporary committees shall be dissolved automatically when their duties are completed, or they may be dissolved at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, or by executive order of the president.


Section 4: Temporary Committee Sponsors

  • The sponsors of the Executive Committee shall also be the sponsors for all temporary committees.



Article IV – Officers

Section 1: Student Association Officers

  • The officers of the association shall consist of a President, General Vice-President, Treasurer, two Social Vice-Presidents, Religious Vice-President, Secretary, Sergeant-at-arms, & Chapel Director.


Section 2: Term of Office

  • The above officers shall hold office for a one-year term. This term will start on the date of the announcement of the new Executive Committee; and will terminate after the Commencement proceedings of graduation the following year.


Section 3: Transition Period

  • The period between the election announcement and Commencement shall be a grooming period for the newly elected Executive Committee members. These new officers will be expected to attend meetings and assist with all Student Association activities and functions just as all of the outgoing members of the current Executive Committee. However, they will not have the privilege of voting in meetings. This period shall act as a time for the new officers to be advised and taught the duties and responsibilities of their new offices.


Section 4: Office of the President

  • The President shall lead in carrying out all Student Association activities, functions, duties, and any other duly appointed Student Association responsibility.
  • The President shall see that all officers are properly fulfilling the duties of their position.
  • The President shall preside as chairperson over all Executive Committee meetings.


Section 5: Office of the General Vice-President

  • The General Vice-President will assist the President in all of his/her duties.
  • The General Vice-President shall oversee the publication of the school Mugshot book.
  • The General Vice-President shall organize and oversee the annual Student Association Talent Show.


Section 6: Office of the Treasurer

  • The Treasurer shall sign for payment of all Student Association expenditures.
  • All expenditures must have prior approval by a faculty sponsor.


Section 7: Office of the Social Vice-Presidents

  • The Social Vice-Presidents shall be responsible for the planning of all Student Association sponsored social activities.
  • The Social Vice-Presidents shall be responsible for the planning and presentation of the Southern Shadows Banquet.


Section 8: Office of the Religious Vice-President

  • The Religious Vice-Presidents shall be responsible for the planning of all Student Association sponsored religious activities.


Section 9: Office of the Secretary

  • The Secretary shall take minutes of all Executive Committee meetings.
  • The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all the Executive Committee meetings available for any officer to obtain and review them at any time.
  • The Secretary- (as is deemed necessary) – shall keep minutes of Student Association chapels and give necessary reports at chapels.


Section 10: Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms

  • The Sergeant-At-Arms shall see that all business is carried on according to parliamentary procedure in keeping with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • The Sergeant-At-Arms shall see that all business is done in keeping with the constitution.
  • The Sergeant-At-Arms shall act as the chairman of the impeachment committee.
  • The Sergeant-At-Arms shall see that the flags of both the United States of America and the state of Texas are raised on the flag pole every day as the weather permits.


Section 11: Office of the Chapel Director

  • The Chapel Director shall be responsible for organizing all of the Student Association chapels and weeks of prayer, including the following:
    1. Praise team
    2. Spoken word
    3. Special music
    4. Lyrics for the screen
    5. The introduction of the speaker
  • The Chapel Director must prepare a runsheet schedule for each chapel/week-of-prayer that must be made one week in advance and publicly shared with the members of the Executive Committee.


Section 12: Additional Duties

  • It is the elected duty of all Student Association officers to help and assist as is necessary at all functions and activities carried out by the Executive Committee.


Article V – Elections

Section 1: Qualifications of campaigning for election

  • Must be a student of Chisholm Trail Academy.
  • A student may not hold both a Student Association office and a class office at the same time.
  • Must be approved for campaigning by the principal.


Section 2: Procedure for election

  1. Elections shall be held for all offices of the Executive Committee.
  2. Only members of the student association shall be allowed to campaign and vote.
  3. The names of the candidates shall be posted immediately after approval by the principal.
  4. The election shall be by secret ballot.
  5. All ballots shall be counted by the Student Association sponsors.
  6. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared the winner and new appointee to their office.


Article VI – Removal from Office

Section 1: Removal for Failure to Perform or Conduct Detrimental

  • Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed from his position for failure to carry out his/her duties, or for any other actions which may be detrimental to the organization or the school.


Section 2: Removal for Failure to Attend

  • Removal may also be necessary for reasons of chronic failure to attend meetings of the Executive Committee. Any member appearing late or not appearing at all more than seven times – (without permission from a faculty sponsor and the President to be obtained before the meeting) – shall be removed from office immediately.


Section 3: Removal for Academic Performance

  • Removal from office will occur if any member of the Executive Committee


Section 3: Rights Reserved for the Principal

  • The principal may at any time or for any reason stop and/or veto any impeachment proceedings or decisions.


Section 4: Procedure to Replace Office Vacancies

  • Replacement of officers may be:
  1. By appointment from the principal of the school.
  2. Appointment by the faculty.
  3. Appointment by the Executive Committee.
  4. Special election of the Student Association.


Article VII – Amendment Procedures

Section 1: Ratification

  • This constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the student body.


Section 2: Amendment Proposal Procedure

  • Amendments to the constitution may be proposed to the Executive committee by any member of the student body, the faculty, or the administration and ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Committee and a majority of the student body.


Section 3: Amendments by the Faculty

  • Amendments may be added to this constitution by the faculty and/or administration without permission or vote of the Student Association or Executive Committee.



Article VIII – Amendments

Amendment 1: The Student Body Senate

  • The purpose of the Senate will be to provide communication between each of the four classes and the Student Association.
  • The senate will consist of the Vice President and the Secretary of each class.
  • The Student Association Vice President will be the President of the Senate.
  • The Student Association Secretary will be the Secretary of the Senate.
  • Other officers will be allowed to attend Senate meetings at the Senate’s discretion.

“CTA is very focused on God, we pray before every sports game, we have devotion and prayer before every class. We don’t lose focus that God is who we represent.”

– Kylee Rose