A life-long love of learning and service

Chisholm Trail Academy is operated to provide a secondary school education which is specifically Christian in nature. Its purpose is to restore each student to the image of his/her Maker. This purpose guides the planning of each class, each program, and each activity. Teachers and students recognize, as do the parents, guardians and constituency, the ministry of the Holy Spirit in attaining this great objective.


class vespers

Each class at CTA often plans a vespers off campus to provide an opportunity to bond and worship together. The students plan these events themselves and lead out in the worship services.

Friday Vespers – Is a long-standing, once monthly, worship service for all youth in Keene.

Joint Vespers – are events that allow for students from all our local Adventist academies to come together in worship and praise.



Weekly Chapels – each week on Fridays, our entire student body comes together to worship and praise as a whole. The speaker changes from week to week allowing for a dynamic cross-section of insights.

Week of Prayer – week-long worship services that choose
a particular theme or topic for spiritual emphasis. CTA has three weeks of prayer each year, including one that is lead out entirely by our senior class.


spiritual retreats

Senior Class Retreat – each year we start the school year off by sending our seniors on a spiritual retreat. They steal away for a few days engaging in team building and spiritual growth activities.

Freshman Bible Camp – freshman from all our academies across the Texas Conference come together for a long weekend to fellowship and study the Bible; consisting of a range of actives that help to create opportunities for students to commit or recommit themselves to serving Jesus.


The Student to Teacher Ratio


Percent of Teaching Staff with a Master’s Degree

“CTA is very focused on God, we pray before every sports game, we have devotion and prayer before every class. We don’t lose focus that God is who we represent.”

– Kylee Rose