Our New Science Teacher

I have been an Educator for 17 years as a Jr. High Science teacher/Department Head, Science Instructional Coach, and School Administrator. I grew up in the KFW area and graduated from CTA and SWAU. I am really excited about returning to CTA getting the opportunity to share my love for God and His creation with our students. I am also excited to have my daughter on campus with me as she will be a freshman this year.

I discovered my passion for education while teaching English during a year of student missionary work in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Science had always been my favorite subject and so I decided to follow in my science teacher Mrs. Connell’s footsteps and teach science. I moved to East Texas after graduation and getting married where I began teaching in the public school system. When we moved back to DFW I spent a few years being Mom and then returned to work as an administrator for a private Montessori school. Not wanting to teach evolution I had avoided teaching at the high-school level, so this opportunity to share my passion for science while also being to teach about the Amazing Creator who designed it all is a dream come true for me. I never could have imagined I would end up back at CTA or that Mrs. Connell would ever stop teaching! However, I am honored and blessed to be at CTA, and I look forward to sharing many adventures with you all.

Brandy Lynn Barber