Marianna Manzano-Moudy, graduating class of “93

Marianna Manzano-Moudy met her husband, Clint Moudy, while a student at CTA. 30 years later, they have three children, 17, 19, and 23. The oldest is finishing undergraduate work near Spokane, Washington. Maranna’s son, now 19, is an engineering major at Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington, and her youngest daughter, now 17, is a “partner in crime,” co-teaching with her mom in their local church’s Sabbath school department. ‌ Marianna serves a local public school district as a speech pathologist near Auburn, Washington.. She and her family found their way there 12 years ago, where they have fallen in love with the natural beauty of the Cascade Mountains. She’s pretty sure God led her to the Pacific Northwest, where every day she’s able to see his magnificence all around her. She shared that she loves the “true friendship” she and her husband have with their young adult children; and the fact that her children are such good friends with each other. ‌ Marianna’s clearest memories of her time at CTA include science classes with Ms. Connell, intramurals, gymnastics with Mr. Peterson, and the lifelong friends she found there. In fact, those lifelong friendships are her most cherished takeaway from her CTA years, the people she “shared tough times and hardships with.” Now, “We’re on the other side of those things,” and life in the Pacific Northwest, as a parent of young adults, couldn’t be more beautiful.

Congratulation Class of 2024

Saturday May 25, 2024 at 9pm.

Join us for a weekend filled with celebration and gratitude as we pay tribute to the dedication and accomplishments of our graduates.