Kari Ketchum, Graduating Class of ‘97

Kari (Ketchum) Griswell is most grateful for the friendships she formed while at CTA, friendships that have endured through more than 25 years of life’s ups and downs. That and the ski trips!

As an only child, one of the most precious outcomes of Kari’s time at CTA was how those dear friendships became more like a family than anything else. Kari shares that she actually “gained a family” through her CTA years. This is the beauty of a smaller high school experience. There are so many meaningful connections to be made.

Kari also shared space at CTA with the man who would become her other half: Matt Griswell, class of ‘96. While they actually met at KAES and went through CTA together, it wasn’t until after college that they realized God intended for them to build a life together, which they have done. Matt has served others as an MRI Technician in Granbury, and he and Kari are blessed with two daughters, which certainly keeps them busy. Kari has invested meaningfully in KAES and CTA, as a parent volunteer and a home and school member.

Kari is grateful for the larger, extended family she has been blessed with by remaining in the Keene area for so many years, but she also values the idea of gained experience that comes from moving away from home.

While her years at CTA recede further into the past, Kari has managed to remain connected to her CTA family. She has kept “my people in my circle, in spite of not seeing others always.”