To Be Men and Women of Character in Whatever You Do!

At CTA we believe in teaching to the whole student, mind, body, and spirit.

Each year the senior class has the opportunity to go on a week-long trip in the spring of their senior year.  They raise funds each year to help pay for their class trip. The trip varies each year, destinations ranging from Disney World in Florida to house boating in Lake Powell in Utah.

Senior Class Trip


The choir at CTA performs at a variety of locations each year usually culminating in a large production in the winter and springtime. 

The band at CTA boasts a wide variety of instruments and players with abilities ranging from beginning to expert. There is an opportunity for anyone wanting to learn or to refine their skills. Each semester the band plays at a variety of locations usually culminating in a large production in the winter and springtime.


Music Fest

 The major event for the Music Department occurs every spring when schools throughout the Southwestern Union of Seventh-day Adventists come to Southwestern Adventist University to join their voices in praise for a special concert at the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas, Texas.

Our school offers the opportunity for students to participate in many different types of sports, each of which promotes Christian character on and off the court and field.


Gymnastics Team

Our gymnastics team performs at different schools in the Southwestern Union and in the fall participates in Acrofest. They also perform here locally numerous times each year ending with the Homeshow event in the spring.

Our student government is called the Student Association. There are nine positions that represent different roles that the group carries out each year. Their responsibilities vary but include organizing and leading out at all school functions and representing the school on and off campus. 

Student Association


Basic dramatic performance skills are taught and practiced regularly. Our drama team also prepares and performs skits for local gatherings and worship services. 

Students are encouraged to combine their creative and academic skills in the area of film or video production by creating short films and clips. Students have the opportunity to create their features for film festivals and other personal and academic projects.

Video Production


Each year our yearbook staff collects pictures and digitally creates the graphic design for our yearbook. Our yearbook staff is comprised of one faculty member and the rest is led out by students giving them the opportunity to get plenty of hands-on graphic design experience.

There are three times a year that our entire student body comes together to worship each day for a week, as a part of a continuous spiritual theme. These worship opportunities allow our students to organize intentional worship through prayer, praise, and delivery of a spiritual message.