Trips that fulfill the mission of compelling instruction, service to community, and spiritual mentorship.

Some things can’t be taught inside of a classroom. For many years CTA has embraced the learning opportunity afforded to students when they step outside of the their comfort zones.

Whether it’s observing the biology of a national park or receiving a briefing from the State Department, students will get to explore the world and learn from hands-on experience. These trips provide an opportunity to bond with friends and make memories that will last a life-time. 

Leadership Camp

In the fall students who are elected to a leadership position go on a retreat to be trained and mentored in becoming a more effective leader.

During our Spring Break a group of staff and students go on a Mission Trip to a variety of national and international locations, where they build churches, hold evangelistic meetings, and conduct Vacation Bible Schools for the children. Mission trips meet the 100-hour outreach requirement necessary for graduation.

Mission Trip

Ski Trip

In January, CTA takes a week off so that all who are interested can go to Colorado to ski or snowboard.The Ski Trip enables students to create lifetime friendships and gain memorable experiences and skills for years to come.

At the beginning of each school year we take our new students on a retreat where they participate in team-building exercises to help them break the ice and make new friends before the first day of school.

Fish Camp

Senior Class Trip

Each senior class goes on a class trip to celebrate the end of their high school career. The trip is planned by the class sponsors and administration. 

At the beginning of each school year the senior class leaves for a spiritual retreat where they take on the challenge of becoming leaders on campus and plan the school year’s first Week-of-Prayer.

Senior Retreat

Art Field Trips

The Art class travels to several near by museums and exhibition halls to allow students an opportunity to take in local art and view traveling art shows. 

This trip is a weekend-long tour of our local University, Southwestern Adventist University. It provides the seniors an opportunity to ask questions and learn about life on SWAU’s campus.

University Days

Music Tour

The music department plans a trip with stops along the way to allow the choir and band to perform. 

The gymnastics team goes on a long weekend trip each year to various Adventist college campuses to showcase their talents with other students from all over the nation.


Music Festival

This is a weekend-long trip that is hosted by Southwestern Adventist University. It brings together students from all over the nation to participate in a concert at the renowned Myerson Symphony Center.