Operating a school such as Chisholm Trail Academy requires more financial backing than what tuition alone can provide.  Because of this, there are times when improvements to the facility, technology, or other out-of-budget expenses arise that need your and other donors’ assistance to help us provide the high quality education we expect at CTA.  To better detail some of those special needs, we have provided the following needs list to inform those who want to help but are interested in specific needs or projects.

Gymnasium Bathroom Renovation (COMPLETED)

We are currently raising funds for a complete renovation of our gymnasium bathrooms. These are the largest bathrooms on our campus and are used the most often. They host our visitors and students on a daily bases. The total cost of the project is estimated to cost $150,000.

Gymnasium Renovation (COMPLETED) 

Our gymnasium is used for a variety of events ranging from weekly chapels and music department concerts to our alumni weekend festivities and sporting events. We are currently planning to renovate our gymnasium floors and ceiling because they are both in dire need of repair. We plan to refinish our floors, paint, and seal them. The ceiling insulation and covering will need to be replaced. The estimated cost of this project is $75,000

Tech Upgrade (COMPLETED)

Our school is in the middle of a large instructional technology upgrade. We have just finished the infrastructure to support a 1 to 1 program (a digital device for each student) on our campus and have bought the first 25 iPads as a test case for the future. We are looking for funding to purchase the remaining 150 chromebooks. The estimated cost is $55,000.

Classroom Renovation Project

We are currently planning to renovate each of our classrooms to upgrade and update fixtures, flooring, lights, insulation, etc. The project will cover a complete renovation of each room preparing the school to last another 50 years. The estimated cost will range between $300K – $500K.

Chapel/Performing Arts Center

The space we would like to build would be able to house our students for spiritual events such as chapels, weeks-of-prayer, music concerts, drama presentations, art galas, lunch, etc. Currently, we do not have a space other than our large gymnasium for such events, which can make it difficult to create the intimacy needed for such occasions. The estimated cost of the project is between $1-3 mil.