It’s more than winning
basketball games, it’s about winning souls
for eternal life!!!

From the Athletic Director

As Director of Athletics, I embrace the challenges of molding our athletic department into a model program that is achieving excellence not only as an athlete but as a Christian Seventh-day Adventist. It is amazing to see what our young people have been able to accomplish on and off the field or court of play, not only as an athlete but at an exemplary level in the classroom and the community. We promote “God, Family, School “and then we participate in sports, constantly holding with top priority through our actions. Winning is just a by-product of the character building and challenging that takes place here at Chisholm Trail Academy.

At this time, I want to say “thank you” to all the great families and friends who show so much love and support for out CTA athletics. I feel very blessed to have such caring families who give so much of their time and talents in coaching, mentoring, and support of all our athletic programs. I hope you will enjoy your 2020-2021 season with Chisholm Trail Academy. May the love of God shine through your experience and through our student-athletes here at CTA!

“Chisholm Trail Academy Athletics is a great program in which students are not only held to a high standard in sports, but putting academics and their spiritual life first as well.”

– Micah Naukkarinen