A Life-Long Love of Learning and Service

There are a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities available to develop each student’s individual needs and interests.

Academic Offerings

English I, II, III, and IV

We provide an English class for each grade level. Students learn to read literature and conduct a literary analysis and write both creatively and for research. Heavy emphasis is placed on reading comprehension and writing skills at all levels.

Algebra I & II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and Math Models

Students are required to collect 4 units of math in order to earn the Recommended Diploma. Each class is designed to build on basic math concepts that guide students to deeper levels of understanding. 

World Geography, World History, American History, American Government, and Economics  

The social sciences are designed to help introduce students to a more well-rounded view of the world. Each class provides an opportunity for students to develop their own opinions and learn how to share them with others. 

Spanish I, II, and III

Learning a foreign language can have a significant impact on your life. The Spanish classes at CTA are designed to start with a beginner and over the course of three years, produce a student that is capable of speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. 

Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, A&P, and Physics 

The science classes are designed to provide students with a foundation for understand the physical world. Each class is taught in preparation for its counterpart in college. 

Religion I, II, III, and IV

The religion curriculum covers a myriad of topics ranging from the original and development of the Bible, and basic epistemology, to individual study of specific books of the Bible. Students will need to collect 1 unit for each year they are enrolled at CTA. 

Physical Education 

P.E. I and P.E. II, are classes that cover basics of physical education and team-playing. Students are required to earn at least 2 units.   

Health and Speech 

Students will earn one-half unit for each semester. Health class covers nutrition and exercise science, while Speech class teaches the practical application of orally delivering research. 


Computer Applications 1 & 2, Publishing, Video Editing, and Engineering are all classes that deliver a robust tech curriculum that develop students’ technological efficacy. Students are will discover how to master basic computer applications, create graphic designs, and produce video and audio content. 

Fine Arts

Fine Arts units are available to be earned through a variety of classes, such as, Art, Stained Glass, Choir, Drama, Photography, etc. Students will are required to earn at least one Fine Arts unit.  


There are many different electives available for students to take that expand on the foundation created through our core classes. The following is a list of some of the elective classes offered at CTA, Choir, Band, Art I, Art II, Drama, Stained Glass, Auto Mechanics I, Auto Mechanics II, Horticulture, Bible Journaling, FORI, SAT Prep, American Sign Language, Video Production, and Photography. 


Community Outreach 

100 hours of Community Outreach or participation in a Mission Trip are a requirement for graduation for all students. (25 hours for each year in attendance at CTA)

Dual Credit Classes 

It is possible to collect high school and college credit while attending classes at CTA. The classes offered change depending on availability and interest. Currently we offer the following classes, American History I, American History II, Advanced Computers, Art, Christian Beliefs, and Life and Teachings. There is also EMT training available through Southwestern Adventist University, on their campus. 


The Student to Teacher Ratio


Percent of Teaching Staff with a Master’s Degree

“From the caring community of students and staff to the outstanding trips and activities, CTA holds its focus on Christ. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend this amazing school!”

– Greta Baraks